Twin Pack Flexyfoot


Twin Pack Flexyfoot


**I come in four sizes to fit a range of sticks, crutches or shower chairs.

If you need two Flexyfeet, order me  – I’m more economical!**

**Please note that Black Flexyfeet are only available in size 19!

Method 1:

  • Measure the circumference of the shaft to which Flexyfoot will be fitted (near the base)
  • Select the corresponding Flexyfoot ‘collar size’ using the following chart

Circumference                                 Flexyfoot (collar) size
50mm (2  ″)                                        FF16 (Flexyfoot 16mm)
60mm (2  3/8 ″)                                  FF19 (Flexyfoot 19mm)
70mm (2  6/8 ″)                                  FF22 (Flexyfoot 22mm)
80mm (3  1/8 ″)                                  FF25 (Flexyfoot 25mm)

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